National Data Opt Out – General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR)

There is currently a lot of discussion on the general topic of data sharing.  You can see our previous posts on our web site here and here.

The new data sharing with NHS Digital that is currently in the news  – General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR) – HAS BEEN DELAYED BY THE GOVERNMENT UNTIL 1st SEPTEMBER 2021.

If you do not want your GP patient data shared with NHS Digital for the new data upload, you can register a Type 1 Opt-out with your GP practice. You can register a Type 1 Opt-out at any time and also change your mind at any time and withdraw the Opt-out.  If you have alaready had a Type 1 Opt-Out added to your record, it will still apply and your data will not be shared with NHS Digital.

If you wish to register a Type 1 Opt-out for the first time with us before data sharing starts with NHS Digital, this should be done by returning this form to us by 16th August 2021 to allow time for processing it. If you have previously registered a Type 1 Opt-out and you would like to withdraw this, you can also use the form to do this. You can send the form by post or email to your GP practice or call 0300 3035678 for a form to be sent out to you.

If you register a Type 1 Opt-out after your patient data has already been shared with NHS Digital, no more of your data will be shared with NHS Digital. NHS Digital will however still hold the patient data which was shared before you registered the Type 1 Opt-out.

If you do not want NHS Digital to share your identifiable patient data (personally identifiable data) with anyone else for purposes beyond your own care, then you can also register a National Data Opt-out. You can read more on these external links (not our copyright or text):-

Type 1 Opt Form

Type 1 Opt Out Form – PDF Version

Data provision Notice DPN

How to Access Your COVID-19 Vaccination Status

Through our Patient Access App or Web Site

You can access your COVID-19 vaccination status through the Patient Access App or Web Site.  This is the site you use to order prescriptions and book appointments and is linked from our home page; ‘Order a Repeat Prescription’ and ‘Book an Appointment’ icons at the top.

Through the NHS App

You can access your COVID-19 vaccination status through the free NHS App from 17 May. You can access the app through mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet. Proof of your COVID-19 vaccination status will be shown within the NHS App.

By calling 119

If you do not have access to a smartphone and know that the country you are travelling to requires COVID-19 vaccination status, you can call the NHS helpline on 119 (from 17 May) and ask for a letter to be posted to you. This must be at least 5 working days after you’ve completed your course of the vaccine. We expect the letter to take up to 5 working days to reach you.

The letter will be sent automatically to the address registered with your GP. The 119 call handler you speak to will not be able to see your address to check this with you. If you’ve recently moved house, make sure you’ve given your new address to your GP practice before calling 119.

Do not contact your GP surgery about your vaccination status. GP Practices cannot provide letters showing your COVID-19 vaccination status.

Click on this link to go to the Government web page on this subject.

The following link takes you to a document showing the government web site information:- Demonstrating your COVID-19 vaccination status when travelling abroad – GOV.UK


Zero Tolerance to Abuse

ZERO TOLERANCE – Our team are experiencing increasing levels of threatening or abusive behaviour from patients.  This is NOT acceptable.
NHS Staff must be able to come to work without fear of violence, abuse or harassment from patients or their relatives. The NHS has a zero tolerance attitude towards violence.  Violent, threatening or abusive behaviour including shouting and swearing will not be tolerated at this practice.  Patients who act in such a manner will be asked to leave the premises; the Police may be called and you could be removed from our patient list.  Our staff are here to help you, please treat them with respect.

Zero Tolerance Poster

The 1 1 1 Service

If you feel you need urgent medical advice during the day you can call the 111 service.  This is also the number you dial when our surgery is closed to access the Out-of-Hours service.  Simply dial 111 on any phone and you will be connected to a skilled advisor who will be able to assess how best to deal with your query.

Call 111 when it’s less urgent than 999

Equipment and Technology Information to help you in your home

Adult Social Care (ASC) has created new online information – Equipment and Technology information that can help you in your homethat includes different ideas and suggestions on how smart technology and equipment can help to improve people’s independence at home, and provide practical assistance to help with daily living.

There are a vast range of products available from high street retailers that can make such a difference to people with basic everyday tasks and developments like voice-activated technology means you can do things without leaving their bed or chair.

Surrey County Council have assessed technology on offer and have created this listing.

Other useful links are included in their Staying Independent pages Staying independent – Surrey County Council

Electronic Repeat Dispensing

Our practice is collaborating with NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA), which is providing NHS numbers for those patients that may be suitable for electronic repeat dispensing prescriptions. The information is obtained from NHS prescriptions submitted to the NHSBSA. A member of our clinical team will contact these patients soon to explain the benefits of this service


Be Self Care Aware

Have you seen our ‘Self Care Aware’ leaflets?  The five surgeries in Aldershot worked together to produce some leaflets and other items to help all our patients access the most appropriate service for their care.  Two of our documents are linked below and they contain lots of useful information.  Please do download them to read and keep handy or simply drop into the surgery and pick up your own copy.  We have some other information in the surgery that you may also find useful.

Self Care Information to keep by your phone

Self Care Leaflet with more detailed information