Registration & Catchment Area

Our catchment area broadly covers the Aldershot, Ash and Tongham area.

You can check to see if you are within our catchment area by simply typing your postcode in the white box above and clicking ‘Search’.

If you are within the above area, please fill in our Registration Form and New Patient Information Form (see links below). Please note that you need to complete a different form for any children (under 16) in your household.

We also need two forms of ID for each adult, one of which needs to be photo ID.

NOTICE:  To help safeguard both staff and other patients, at the moment you do not need to come to the practice to register.  We currently accept registrations via emailJust send us the completed documents listed below.  We need BOTH forms to register you. 

  • A Registration Form for each adult person registering and 
  • A New Patient Details Form for each person registering

Note that you need to complete the Child registration form any children (under 16) in your household, as well as the New Patient Details Form.

Please email the documents to  You can also post them to us if you prefer.

Patient Registration Form GMS1 (Adult)

Patient Registration Form (Child – Under 16)

New Patient Details Form

Once we have registered you we will offer you an appointment for a New Patient Health Check.  Initially, this appointment may be by telephone.  This helps us ensure that all your health checks are up to date and that our records reflect your current health status.

If you are visiting England for a short period of time and are normally resident in another country please click the following link for further information:   Overseas Visitors