Your rights and responsibilities as a patient

Violence or abuse towards members of staff

It is the right of all of us to be able to carry out our work in a safe and secure environment. If a patient is violent or abusive to any member of staff or towards other patients, The Practice has the right to request that the patient is removed from their list. Police will be informed if any patient becomes violent towards any member of staff.

Complaints – The practice policy is available upon request

We aim to provide a high quality service and welcome hearing how our systems could be improved.

Complaints should be made to the Practice Business Manager, Ms Sarah Smith or Senior Partner, Dr N Bajwa.  Most issues can be solved via a telephone call and a meeting, however, you can, of course, put your complaint to us in writing.  Whichever method you choose to complain we will examine your comments and discuss them with anyone concerned.  Within a specific period of time, we target two weeks, we will contact you with our findings and offer to have a meeting with you to discuss the issue you raised.  The aim of such a meeting is to discuss your complaint, the course of events and agree a course of action to ensure that you are happy that your complaint has been dealt with appropriately.


As we aim to provide a high quality service we also welcome hearing how and where our systems are working well.  This helps to show us what we are doing right and means we can continue to develop what you feel is good.  We, therefore, welcome receiving your compliments.

Access to Medical Records

If you wish to view your medical notes, please notify the Practice Business Manager in writing, allowing 14 working days notice, as a member of staff will need to be present at the viewing.  You can view your full record by requesting full On-Line access to your records or requesting a copy.  We will fulfill these requests withing 4 weeks.

Freedom of Information Act

This document is available for download (in pdf format) by clicking the following link:  Information available from The Border Practice (providing medical services under contract to the NHS) under the Freedom of Information Act model publication scheme

NHS England

Can be contacted on 0300 311 22 33 for any information required regarding primary and secondary care services provided in this area.